If you love Farmer’s Markets, you will love Night Markets. Originally started as a way for vendors to avoid the heat, they are now a fun event to attend on a weeknight or while traveling. If you’re a local, it’s the perfect opportunity to get great ingredients and produce, and if you’re a tourist, it’s a great spot to taste the native cuisine and get some souvenirs.

1. Underground Market, San Francisco CA

San Francisco Underground Market

San Francisco Underground Market

You’ll have to register online to attend this monthly night market, which adds to its “underground” mystique. It began in 2009 and now hosts 35 of San Francisco’s best home chefs. You’ll find lots of free samples, bacon caramel popcorn, orange marmalade sandwiches, and french fries deep fried in duck fat.

2. Yamashiro Farmer’s Market, Los Angeles CA

The Yamashiro Farmer's Market in the Hollywood Hills

Yamashiro Farmer's Market

This is the second year for the Yamashiro Farmer’s Market, held in the parking lot of the renowned Hollywood Hills sushi restaurant, Yamashiro. One its best attributes is the view – from this elevated location you can see Downtown, the Hollywood Sign, Culver City, and the Griffith Park Observatory. You’ll also get a chance to try some of Yamashiro’s own Chef Brock’s street food, like the pulled pork sliders. Other gourmet street food includes duck confit and chicken satay tacos and sausages.

3. Audrix Night Market, France

Audrix Night Market France

Audrix Night Market, France

Every summer, from mid-June through September, a dozen or so vendors gather in the town square to sell food from the Perigord Noir region of southwestern France. Walnuts and local wine are the most popular products of the region.

4. Marrakech Night Market, Morocco

Marrakech Night Market, Morocco

Marrakech Night Market, Morocco

Held in the Old City Main Square. They have open air food stalls and henna tattoos.

5. Barranco Night Market, Lima Peru

night market
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This small market is held in the main square late at night, taking advantage of those exiting bars and clubs. They sell traditional items like alpaca shawls, gourd art and seed jewelry.

6. Ratchada Night Bazaar, Bangkok Thailand

Ratchada Night Bazaar, Bangkok, Thailand

Ratchada Night Bazaar, Bangkok, Thailand

Find secondhand items and souvenirs here. It originated as a swap meet for used car and scooter parts, but now includes vintage fashion and kitschy items.

7. The Summer Night Market, Richmond BC

Summer Night Market Richmond BC

Summer Night Market Richmond BC

This Canadian market features live music, salsa groups, and plenty of food. With over 200 vendors, it’s one of the largest night markets on this list. You can find Chinese, Italian, and Thai food and plenty of gadgets and accessories at a bargain.

Have you been to any of these Night Markets?

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