Anne Patrone’s Dream Destination

With us today is Anne Petrone of 500 Places With Kids. Stay tuned for her family-focused guidebook of 50 fabulous trips covering all of North America!

What is your dream destination, and who would you take with you?


The Greek Isles are a great place for a family vacation

Greek Isles

My “dream” destination is a sun-drenched cruise through the Greek Islands on a small yacht with my husband and two sons.  I can’t imagine a better family vacation that incorporates lots of sun, good food, and tons of history and culture.  I can just picture my family exploring the museums and archaeological ruins on Crete or Rhodes in the early morning, then heading off to their beaches to relax in the hot afternoon.  At night, we’d find some local taverna and make a meal out of mezes (light appetizers) before sailing away on a small ship to our next island.  Sounds like paradise . . .


Santorini is one of the most popular Greek Islands.

Santorini, Greece

Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands.

Mykonos, Greece

Crete is the largest Greek island.

Crete, Greece

The Greek Isles are a collection of over 6000 islands and islets, the largest of which is Crete. Visitors can go island hopping and experience the history, food, and beaches of several islands. Among the most popular are Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini. I love Mykonos especially, it has amazing beaches, nightlife, food and shopping!


CanCan’s Dream Destination

We asked CanCan from Mom Most Traveled about her Dream Destination. CanCan is an educator and a mother of two, and her blog has great tips for mothers traveling with kids! Follow her on Twitter at @MomMostTraveled

Where is your dream destination and accommodations?

I would like to go to Kerala, India because of the beautiful landscape and delicious regional cuisine. If I had the chance to go, i would bring my two young sons! I saw a neat tree house hotel they would love to stay in with me!

The Vythiri Resort is a tree top resort in Kerala, India

Vythiri Resort

The Vythiri Resort has tree top cottages in India.

Vythiri Resort Tree Top Guest Cottage

The guest cottages at the Vythiri Resort feature private balconies.

Vythiri Resort Guest Cottage Porch View

Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, and National Geographic named it one of the “Ten Paradises of the World,” and “50 Places of a Lifetime.” Kerala is known for its tropical greenery, beaches and Ayurvedic treatments. It is also home to some amazing tree top resorts, which are typically built between two trees 85 feet off the ground.


Anne Fritz’s Dream Destination

We are delighted to kick off this guest blogging series with Anne Fritz of The Jet Set Girls.  Anne and Hope’s blog is my go-to for travel, beauty, and fashion tips! Follow them on Twitter: @JSGAnne, @JSGHope. Today, Anne shares with us her Dream Destination:

Where is your dream destination and accommodations?


Right now it’s the W in Vieques. I love the Out Islands of the Bahamas—they’re so secluded and the beaches are pristine. You feel like you’re halfway around the world, but really you’re only 30 minutes from Florida. I imagine that Vieques has that same feel. I’ve been dying to go ever since the W opened last year.

The W Vieques is a luxury hotel in Puerto Rico.

W Vieques, Puerto Rico

Who would you take with you?

It just so happens that I am going—with my hubby for a romantic birthday trip.


The W Vieques features a Living Room with a bar and lounge area.

W Vieques - Living Room

W Vieques is located on the Bay of Vieques in Puerto Rico.
W Vieques Bay
The W Vieques is a luxury resort in Puerto Rico on the bay of Vieques.
W Vieques Aerial View

Vieques is an island located off the east coast of Puerto Rico. It is the largest of the Spanish Virgin Islands, and has been one of the Caribbean’s Best Kept Secrets – until now! It is a popular wedding destination thanks to its amazing beaches and food. Travelers can easily reach Vieques via small planes from San Juan.