Glamour + Camping = Glamping!

I’m not a camping enthusiast by any means, but when I heard about glamping I discovered the only way I would ever entertain the idea. Glamping is the old fashioned, luxury version of camping with a modern twist. There is actual furniture and a focus on comfort. What we just recently learned about as glamping has actually been the cornerstone of the African safari circuit for ages.

You still have to do outdoor stuff like hiking, fishing, and kayaking, but you get to return to a designer tent with a real bed, rugs, and better protection from bugs and wild animals. Some glamping resorts have bathrooms in the tents, or separate bathroom facilities close by. These high-end campsites features teepees, yurts, or treehouses.

Glamping is a popular, luxury version of camping.


Glamping is a more luxurious way to go camping.


Some glamping resorts feature yurts instead of tents.

Glamping in a yurt

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