Haute Hotel: SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

The SLS is a luxury boutique hotel in Beverly Hills. I go there often to eat at The Bazaar, or have some drinks at Bar Centro. Everything is innovative, playful, and modern. The unique design of the SLS is all thanks to world-renowned interior designer, Philppe Starck.

The SLS in Beverly Hills is a luxury boutique hotel known for its unique interior design by Philippe Starck.

SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

Philippe Starck designed the guest rooms with soft neutral colors and lighting, and custom made modern furniture. 7 of the 61 luxury suites feature en suite gym equipment for privacy during workouts! For those who prefer a full gym, SLS does have a 24-hour fitness center available on site.

The Ciel Spa was designed with warm, white tones. There are 6 spa rooms with iPods at every bed so you can listen to relaxing music while you get a massage from one of their amazing massage therapists. Couples should check out the romantic couples suite, which features 2 side by side soaking tubs.

The Ciel Spa at the SLS was designed in warm white tones and features 6 spa rooms.

SLS Ciel Spa

The Altitude Pool Deck is for hotel and Ciel Spa guests only. Don’t worry about the LA party crowd taking over the pool on the weekends – only hotel guests get to enjoy the amazing views of Beverly Hills, private cabanas, chaise lounges, plunge and reflecting pool, Pool Concierges and Valets, and creative cocktails and food by Jose Andres.

The Altitude Pool at the SLS was designed by Philippe Starck and is for hotel and Ciel Spa guests only.

SLS Altitude Pool

One of the biggest draws to SLS is The Bazaar. With interior design by Philppe Starck and food by Jose Andres, you can’t go wrong. The inspiration for the design of the restaurant was a modern, European “Indoor Piazza.” The great thing about The Bazaar is that it is separated into four sections: Bar Centro, Rojo y Blanca, and Patisserie. Guests can experience each section and keep everything on the same bill – very convenient.

Bar Centro is the bar/lounge area right inside the La Cienega entrance. Bar Centro features high tables, huge mirrors, lounge tables, and private tables encase in mirrored walls.

Rojo is SLS Bazaar's more traditional dining room.

The Bazaar - Rojo

Blanca is SLS Bazaar's more modern dining room.

The Bazaar - Blanca

Rojo y Blanca are the 2 sections of the restaurant. Rojo’s setting and menu are inspired by more traditional Spanish tapas. Blanca is the more modern and adventurous section that also has an outdoor terrace. Andres has combined molecular gastronomy with traditional Spanish tapas to create a unique and luxurious dining experience. Ask for the tasting menu if you really want to be blown away!

Patisserie is a European inspired dessert bar adjacent to Bar Centro. The open kitchen displays plenty of delicious looking desserts, which you can eat at the tables next to Regalo.

Regalo is SLS’s take on the hotel gift shop. They have showcased luxury products from Assouline, Baccarat, D.L&Co. and Kiki de Montparnasse museum-style in glass cases. It’s fun to browse while you’re waiting for your dinner, drinks or dessert.

Tres is SLS’s brunch/lunch option. Modern, white, luxurious decor and a delicious buffet, à la carte, and tea service make this a really fun place to go on the weekend!

SLS also features plenty of guest-only rooms, lobbies, and entrances, so even though SLS is popular with Angelinos, guests can still feel a sense of exclusivity and privacy.

Guest Services at the SLS are definitely ahead of the curve, as far as most hotels are concerned. They even have an app, called GoSLSHotel, where guests can send service requests from remote locations! They also have a Pillow Particulars menu, concierge, room service, luxury house cars available for transport, and business center. Also, as guests of the SLS, you will have preferred treatment at SBE restaurants, nightclubs, and lounges throughout Los Angeles.


Christmas in Las Vegas

Last year, I spent Christmas in Las Vegas instead of going home to freezing cold New York. My boyfriend and I stayed at the Bellagio, and it was beautiful! Very festive and fun. There were lots of Christmas decorations and families – I was kind of surprised to see how family oriented Las Vegas was, but maybe it was due to the season? The restaurants were definitely less “happening” which was nice, in a way. Although the nightlife didn’t have its usual busy vibe, at least I didn’t have to spend the night trying not to spill my drink because people are bumping into me!

The Bellagio in Las Vegas decorated the hotel for Christmas.

Bellagio Las Vegas - Christmas Tree

The Bellagio in Las Vegas decorated the hotel for Christmas with polar bears made of flowers.

Bellagio Las Vegas - Christmas Decorations - Polar Bear

The Polar Bears were actually made out of white flowers, and the tree was huge. Living in California where it never feels like Christmas, I appreciated the fact that they went all out with the decorations! I really loved staying at the Bellagio. The rooms were huge, and I’ve seen some hotel rooms that weren’t as big as that bathroom.

The Mirage has a zoo that features lots of exotic animals, like these white tigers.

Mirage - White Tigers

We went to the zoo at the Mirage, where they feature lots of exotic animals, like these white tigers. They also had this adorable baby cub, who the trainer fed with a bottle. So cute!

The zoo at the Mirage has a white tiger cub.

Mirage - White Tiger Cub

We wanted to go somewhere with an amazing view of the strip, so we decided to go to The Hotel’s Mix Lounge, which I believe is on the 69th floor. It was totally empty, but the design was really cool and I could tell during high season it’s a great time. They have some tables outside the glass on the patio that are probably awesome during the summer. The Mix Lounge is adjacent to the restaurant Mix, which is all white and looks gorgeous.

The Hotel's Mix Lounge rises 69 stories above Las Vegas and offers an amazing view of the strip.

The Hotel - Mix Lounge

The Hotel's Mix Lounge features amazing views of the Las Vegas strip.

The Hotel - View of the Las Vegas strip from Mix Lounge

I was kind of disappointed by the new CityCenter – I had heard that it was supposed to be a mini city that had apartments, a hospital, and a school, but apparently they went bankrupt building it and now it’s just a mall.  However, it is a great mall! Love the sparkly Louis Vuitton…

CityCenter in Las Vegas has an amazing Louis Vuitton store.

Louis Vuitton at CityCenter in Las Vegas