Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, California

Hollywood Sign

Ever since the real estate investors who own adjacent land to the famous Hollywood sign expressed an interest in selling it to developers to build luxury homes, there has been concern about the future of this famous Hollywood landmark.

The Trust for Public Land and the Hollywood Sign Trust began an emergency fund-raising campaign. They have $1 million left that they need to raise before the April 30th deadline in order to save the 138 acres of land the Hollywood sign lives on.

A proposal was recently submitted by Danish architect, Christian Bay Jorgensen. He met with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to suggest a luxury hotel that would incorporate the sign by rebuilding each letter 90 feet tall (twice the current size). The hotel would be built behind the letters, and would include public space to host awards ceremonies.

Fortunately, this proposal was refused, but the sign’s future remains uncertain. Perhaps celebrities of Hollywood should step up – like in 1978, when the letters were in need of refurbishing, and Hugh Hefner hosted an auction and each of the letters were sold to a different celebrity!